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Caroline Struthers

Senior EQUATOR Research Fellow

Creative innovator developing tools and training for complete, clear and transparent reporting of healthcare studies

I have been part of the EQUATOR Network team since 2014 and am involved in many aspects of EQUATOR's mission to improve the planning, conduct and reporting of healthcare studies. My main focus is developing and promoting tools and training to help embed the use of reporting guidelines in the research process at every stage. I am fanatical about using plain language when writing about research - or when writing about anything.

My current project is the development and testing of a web tool called "GoodReports" to help authors identify and use the most appropriate reporting guideline when they are submitting their manuscript to a journal.  The first version of the tool is freely available here

A lifelong interest in healthcare (and a great eye for detail) led me after many years in print and digital publishing to apply for a job as information specialist for Cochrane. Six whirlwind years led me through additional roles as managing editor, training coordinator and, most significantly, project manager of an NHS-funded public engagement project for the Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Impairment Group - the ALOIS Community Project. This project captured my imagination and one of my main achievements was developing a suite of eLearning materials to explain the principles of research and research synthesis to patients, carers, and the general public. These materials are still freely available on Cochrane's website, and I remain as passionate as ever about improving public understanding and involvement in health research.

Mental Elf bloG

I blog regularly for the National Elf Service, mainly about dementia research

Online learning modules

I wrote and produced a series of open access online modules for the public to explain health research in an engaging and entertaining way.  These were created as part of a public engagement project (The ALOIS Community Project) for the Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group.

EQUATOR "goodreports" web tool

A free online tool to help authors identify and use the appropriate reporting guideline for their work