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Helena Coker

Advanced Microscopy Manager

I am a postdoc in Marco Fritzsche's lab, with a focus on microscope development and management.

My background is quite broad as I studied Natural Sciences (mostly chemistry and pharmacology) for my MSci. I then completed a DPhil in Physical and Theoretical Chemistry where my research centred on biophysics and anomalous diffusion in artificial bilayers. During my DPhil., I built and optimised an interferometric scattering (iSCAT) microscope for very fast tracking of diffusing particles. This is where my love for optics began to drive my career. In 2018 I joined the University of Warwick as an Imaging Specialist in lattice lightsheet microscopy (LLSM).

I now manage the TIRF-SIM microscope, and help support the imaging facility in the Kennedy and Oxford-Zeiss Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Imaging.
Things that I can help with include:

  • organising training for the lattice or TIRF-SIM (please talk to Chris for all other scopes).
  • access to microscope and analysis PC calendars on Bookit
  • point of contact for reporting damage/problems

With my experience of the 3i LLSM system and now the Zeiss LLS7, I can call myself a lattice expert. As this technology was still being developed and explored by researchers and technical staff, I was a founder of the Lightsheet Community Wildsheet, aiming to bring together users of light sheet instruments to share knowledge and best practice.