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Jolet Mimpen

DPhil, MSc, BSc (Hons)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Jolet obtained her BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Utrecht University (the Netherlands), before moving to Oxford in 2015 for the MSc in Pharmacology. She then moved to the Botnar Research Centre in 2016 to read for a DPhil in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at NDORMS under the supervision of Prof. Andrew Carr, Assoc. Prof. Sarah Snelling, and Assoc. Prof. Stephanie Dakin. She worked on the project entitled “Inflammation in osteoarthritis – a focus on interleukin-17”, which she successfully defended in January 2020. 

From January 2020 until May 2022, Jolet worked as a postdoc on the CZI-funded "Tendon Seed Network" project that aims to spatially define the transcriptome of healthy tendon, an extracellular matrix-rich tissue, across multiple anatomic and micro-anatomic sites. To enable this, the project will develop clinical, laboratory, bioinformatics, and mathematical modelling tools and platforms. Her work focusses on the development and execution of laboratory protocols for single nucleus RNA Sequencing using different tendons.

In 2022, Jolet was awarded a Versus Arthritis Foundation Fellowship to study inflammation and fibrosis in osteoarthritis synovium with Prof Christopher Buckley and Prof Sarah Snelling.