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Leena Elhussein

Research Assistant in Statistics and Data Science

Motivated by the challenges in medical statistics

As a medical statistician at CSM, I provide statistical support on the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials. My research mainly focuses on oncology trials. For example, I am working on DEBIOC, an early phase dose escalation and expansion randomised clinical trial focusing on patients with oesophagus cancer.

I joined CSM in October 2017, after obtaining an MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine from the University of Southampton. For my dissertation research, I used linear mixed models to assess the variation in prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels over time. PSA is used as a biomarker for prostate cancer. A single measurement at a certain time-point is the usual approach. By looking at the changes in a person’s PSA levels over time, we hoped to predict prostate cancer more accurately. Thus, avoiding the complications of over-diagnosis and unnecessary biopsies caused by the single measurement method.

I completed my BSc in Biotechnology/Biochemical Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia in 2015, where I focused on mathematics, genetics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. I also worked as a summer intern in a hospital laboratory. My diverse background motivates me to explore various areas of research and be involved in different kinds of studies.