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Leena Elhussein

DPhil Student

Motivated by the challenges in medical statistics

I am currently undergoing a DPhil with the Pharmaco- and Device epidemiology team at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM). My research aims to apply longitudinal methods for the analysis of electronic health records data in the EHDEN project. EHDEN is a European-wide project that aims to harmonise different European healthcare databases into one common data model.

In 2019, I joined the Pharmaco- and Device epidemiology team as a research assistant in statistics and data science. As part of my role, I was responsible for a number of projects and exposed to numerous statistical methods applied in different research areas. For example, I took over a project that used Clinical Practice Research Datalink to predict cardiovascular events in patients diagnosed with osteoporosis or with a recent bone fracture history.

Prior to joining the Pharmaco- and Device epidemiology team, I worked as a medical statistician with Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU) since 2017. My role involved providing statistical support on the design, conduct, and analysis of clinical trials. My research mainly focused on oncology trials. For example, I worked on DEBIOC, an early phase dose escalation and expansion randomised clinical trial that focused on patients with oesophagus cancer.

Before becoming a part of the CSM, I obtained a BSc in Biotechnology/Biochemical Engineering from International Islamic University Malaysia in 2015, followed by an MSc in Statistics with Applications in Medicine from the University of Southampton in 2017. My diverse background motivates me to explore various areas of research and be involved in different kinds of studies.