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Lucinda Griffiths

BSc Econ (Hons.)

Senior Trial Development Manager - Oncology Clinical Trial Office (OCTO)

  • The Senior Trial Development Manager role is to work with Chief Investigators and collaborators to oversee all pre-award trial activity associated with the development of new Oxford University sponsored clinical trial projects which includes protocol development; interfacing with local governance and contract negotiation groups; engagement with local chief investigators; and coordination with academic laboratories and research facilities. The role also includes working closely with the Oxford Cancer team to identify and support opportunities for new trial collaborations.

Lucinda (Lucy) joined the Department of Oncology in June 2011 as a Clinical Trial Administrator before shortly becoming a Trial Manager. In September 2022 Lucy took on the new post in OCTO of Senior Trial Development Manager.

Prior to working in OCTO, Lucy worked for four years as a Study Coordinator of over the counter medicines and health products clinical trials, for a commercial contract research organisation, and ran multicentre studies on-site directly with participants in the UK and in China.

Oncology Clinical Trials Office trials previously assigned as Trial Manager for:

EMERALD - Pancreas - Evaluation of hypofractionated adaptive radiotherapy using the MR Linac in localised pancreatic cancer

LUD2015-005 - Phase 1/2 Study of anti-PD-L1 in Combination with Chemo(radio)therapy for Oesophageal Cancer

NUTIDE-301 - A two-part, Phase 1 open-label dose escalation and expansion study to assess safety, pharmacokinetics and clinical activity of NUC-3373, a nucleotide analogue, in participants with advanced solid tumours. 

PEMBLAPembrolizumab in intermediate risk recurrent non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC)

TARDOX - A Proof of Concept Study to Investigate the Feasibility of Targeted Release of Doxorubicin from Lyso-thermosensitive Liposomal (LTSL) Doxorubicin (ThermoDox®) Using Focused Ultrasound in Patients with Primary or Secondary Liver Tumours

6MP - A phase II clinical trial of 6-mercaptopurine (6MP) and methotrexate in patients with BRCA defective tumours

CHOP-OR -A study of ofatumumab with CHOP chemotherapy for Richter's syndrome (CHOP-OR)

SONATINA - A Phase II Multi-Centre Randomised Controlled Study Of Nelfinavir Addition to Radiotherapy Treatment In Neo-Adjuvant Therapy for Rectal Cancer