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Research groups

Marloes Franssen

BSc, MSc, PhD

Clinical Trial Manager

I joined NDORMS in November 2019 as a Clinical Trial Manager and I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the Humeral Shaft Trial (HUSH). 

HUSH is looking at the best treatment (surgery or a brace) for fractures of the upper arm in adults.

Previous to working in this department I have worked as a clinical trial manager in the Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit in Oxford (2014-2019) running various trials in cardiovascular diseases (hypertension trials) and infectious diseases (influenza and urinary tract infections trials). Whilst working here, I was also involved in teaching in the Clinical Trial Module the unit ran.

My background is in exercise therapy for people with neurological disorders with my PhD looking at exercise as a treatment for people with Parkinson’s. My interest is in clinical trials, specifically looking at exercise and rehabilitation.