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Samantha Tanner

Executive Assistant/Hub Co-ordinator

I joined NDORMS in June 2022. My role is to provide general administrative support to the OCTRU Hub team and assistance to OCTRU's Senior Leadership Team. I oversee and make content for OCTRU's X (Twitter) account, organise events and meetings, and I support and ensure the delivery of OCTRU's training programme. I also provide administrative support to OCTRU's Programming Team, Statistics Team, and to the trial teams at the hub, as required.

I graduated with a BA in English Literature. After university I became interested in working in a healthcare setting and started working as an administrator in the NHS. For three and a half years I worked as an appointments co-ordinator in a busy radiology department, allowing me to gain knowledge on various imaging modalities and musculoskeletal conditions. Through working in this patient-centred role, I developed an interest in the world of research, and its importance to patients in improving their quality of life, and giving them better outcomes.

I am currently working on the EXPLAIN project. This project seeks to create a repository of animations that can easily be accessed by UKCRC registered Clinical Trials Units to use free of charge in their studies - the explainer videos will give anyone who might be suitable for a clinical trial the opportunity to learn and understand what it is about. My role is to co-ordinate project team activities and the PPI groups in the development of these explainer videos.