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Shreeya Sharma

Research Assistant in Musculoskeletal Tissue Repair

I completed my bachelor's degree (B.Tech) in biotechnology from Amity University, India, in 2021, followed by my MSc in Tissue Engineering for Regenerative Medicine from the University of Manchester, England, in 2023. During my MSc, I discovered my passion for the musculoskeletal system while conducting research on the infrapatellar fat pad (IFP) of osteoarthritic knees. In this project I studied the expression and localization of TSG-6, an anti-inflammatory protein, in the IFP and the tissue's role in the perception of pain in osteoarthritis.

Currently, I work as a Research Assistant in the Soft Tissue Repair Group under the guidance of Associate Professor Sarah Snelling. I contribute to the overarching goal of delivering Ancestrally Inclusive Atlases of the Musculoskeletal System, a crucial initiative within the global Human Cell Atlas project. My responsibilities include processing human musculoskeletal tissue samples, preparing them for single-cell libraries using 10X platforms, and utilizing histology and immunofluorescence techniques to spatially map tissues. Through these tasks, I aim to deepen our understanding of musculoskeletal biology and contribute to advancements in research.