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Spyros Kolovos

MSc, PhD

Research Associate in Health Economics

My main research aim is to understand the burden of various diseases and identify the most cost-effective treatment options for patients. I am interested in novel methodological approaches tailored to the current needs and opportunities in healthcare research, including big data analysis, electronic health records, and digital interventions. I am curious about the impact of artificial intelligence in medicine, and the combination of machine learning techniques and cost-effectiveness analysis.

My work is multidisciplinary, as I collaborate with clinicians, medical doctors, and statisticians. In the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences (NDORMS), I use routinely collected data (real-world evidence) to investigate the healthcare use and costs related to various musculoskeletal conditions and rare diseases, such as osteogenesis imperfecta and multiple myeloma.

I studied Psychology at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece. I obtained a research MSc in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology in VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a PhD student at the Health Sciences Department of VU Amsterdam, I investigated the changes in quality of life of patients with depression, and examined the cost-effectiveness of Internet-based treatments for depression. I was involved in meta-analyses, as well as trial-based and model-based economic evaluations.

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