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Theresa Burkard

Postdoctoral Data Scientist

I joined NDORMS in October 2022 as an Epidemiologist and Postdoctoral Data Scientist. My main research interest is observational research on the topic of musculoskeletal diseases with a focus on autoimmune rheumatic diseases.

In this current position, I developed a perinatal extension table diagnostics R package for the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN) and further diagnostics packages will follow for DARWIN EU CC.

Prior to my current position, I worked as a Postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich where I used the Swiss Rheumatology registry for my research on rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis and did a research visit at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm using Swedish nationwide registries to assess various (musculoskeletal) outcomes following bariatric surgery.

I obtained a pharmacist degree in Switzerland in 2012 and worked as a community pharmacist and in a pharmaceutical company until 2015, when I joined the Basel PharmacoEpidemiologyUnit for my PhD training. 

ORCID: 0000-0003-1313-4473