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Observational Research - Pharmaco-epidemiology - Methods Research

Pharmaco- and Device epidemiology group photo

We are involved in a number of national and international studies exploring the conditions of use (adherence, compliance, off and on-label use) of a number of licensed drugs and medical devices in 'real world' routine practice conditions.

We collaborate with researchers from around the globe to improve our understanding of the safety and effectiveness of new and long-licensed medications and devices. We are particularly interested in studying both the benefits and the potential risks of the use of such therapies in special subgroups of the population that were under-represented in previous clinical trials.

We have extensive expertise in the analysis and interpretation of large databases including:

  • De-identified electronic medical records from a number of European countries: Clinical Practice Research Datalink from the United Kingdom, SIDIAP from Catalonia, IPCI from the Netherlands, HSD from Italy, Aarhus Database, Danish National Registries and the OPEN Network, from Denmark to name some
  • Orthopaedic device (also called Joint or Arthroplasty) registries, including the National Joint Registry from England and Wales, and the Catalan Registry of Arthroplasty (RACat, Generalitat de Catalunya) from Catalonia
  • Drug registries, including the British Society of Rheumatology (BSR) Rheumatoid Arthritis Biologics Registry (BSR/BR-RA) and the Danish Biologics Registry (DANBIO)

We have an interest in the development and testing of novel epidemiological methods for the analysis and interpretation of non-randomised studies in the risk/benefit and comparative effectiveness of drugs and devices. 

With this in mind, our overarching aim is the efficient evaluation of health technologies applied in the wider community for a better and safer patient care and public health.

Our Summer School

Join our annual Real World Epidemiology Summer School in Oxford to

  • Explore the existing sources of real world data
  • Discuss common types of study and designs for its use
  • Look in-depth into the issues and solutions linked to big health data usage.

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