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Trishna Rathod Mistry

Senior Medical Statistician/Senior Data Scientist

I joined the Pharmaco and Device Epidemiology research group within the NDORMS department in January 2022 as a senior statistician. I have an interest in applying complex longitudinal models to routinely collected medical record data, particularly in the estimation of time-varying treatment in the presence of time-varying confounding.  

Previously, I was employed by Keele University, School of Medicine (2010-2022) as a statistician. I completed my PhD in 2021 which aimed to estimate the time-varying effect of allopurinol in gout using marginal structural models and propensity score stratification. I have worked on a wide variety of primary care research projects across different study populations (musculoskeletal conditions, dementia, and chest pain) and study designs (randomised controlled trials, prognosis, case-crossover, and longitudinal cohorts).  

My interest in medical statistics started when I studied Mathematical Sciences BSc at the University of Birmingham. After which, I studied Medical Statistics MSc at the University of Leicester.  

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