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Eng Hooi (Cheryl) Tan

BSc (Pharm), MPH, PhD

Senior Researcher in Pharmacoepidemiology

As a pharmacoepidemiologist, I apply methods to investigate the drug utilisation and comparative effectiveness and safety of medications using routinely collected healthcare data. I hope to support reliable evidence generation that translates into better patient care. In my work I contribute my expertise to multinational networks and consortiums such as OHDSI, EU-PEARL, OPTIMA, and DARWIN-EU.

I completed my PhD at the National University of Singapore (NUS). My thesis explored the detection of drug-induced liver injury in electronic medical records. I obtained my Master of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Sydney and graduated from NUS with a BSc (Pharmacy) as an ASEAN scholar.

My working experience includes practicing as a pharmacist in a tertiary hospital and an oncology centre. While working on my PhD, I was also a research associate managing a randomised controlled trial evaluating the use of SMS reminders to improve medication adherence in women with breast cancer. 

I joined NDORMS in June 2020.