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Oxford's high staff to student ratio makes it a very competitive University to gain teaching experience at, where even established lecturers compete to give mainstream student lectures. However, it is worth it!

Teaching at Oxford

NDORMS supports and encourages postdocs wishing to gain teaching experience, where suitable and agreed with your supervisor.

Within NDORMS we suggest the following:

  1. Complete the teaching part I (PLTO) and part II (DLT) courses available free via the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Note that this is compulsory if you wish to apply to teach on our NDORMS MSc and DPhil courses or to give FHS Medicine or Biomedical Sciences tutorials. (These courses are very popular so please don't book and cancel at the last moment or not at all - NDORMS then has to pay for your course and you block access for other users!). 
  2. You are invited to prepare and present lectures or workshops to our 1st year DPhil students. See our programmes and courses. The course starts in October with general induction material for a broad multi-disciplinary group and continues with optional specialist modules and workshops. You may be required to practice your talk with a peer group before being accepted into the formal course. Please contact Prof Sarah Snelling for details.
  3. Discuss any possible teaching opportunities on the NDORMS MSc in Musculoskeletal Sciences with the course co-ordinator Prof Stephanie Dakin.
  4. Ask your PI if you may advertise to host a project for an FHS (2nd year Medicine/Biomedical Science) or Biochem part II student. This will allow you to design a mini project, recruit the student, train and supervise their work and write up and submit an OxCORT report (the Universities online reporting system). NDORMS provides some funds for FHS student projects after successful completion. Contact Dr Nicholas Ilott with enquiries.
  5. Talk to the staff members in OLI and contract staff training and get your name on the staff development mailing lists or any teaching opportunities lists.
  6. Be persistent and practise your networking skills!

For general queries and advice contact the Postdoc advisors - Prof Philippa HulleyProf Kim MidwoodProf David BeardProf James EdwardsDr Audrey GérardDr Jelena Bezbradica Mirkovic and Dr Anjali Kusumbe.