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Launch of the Research Staff Hub and Signing of the Concordat for Researcher Development

Launch of the New Research Staff Hub!  

Announcement from the Hub: 

On 22nd April, Oxford’s Research Staff Hub was launched and the Concordat for Researcher Development signed by the VC, in a large online event involving research staff, PIs, line managers and support staff at many levels. The Hub says ”We were delighted by the clear high-level support for research staff priorities and tangible examples of what the Hub can do – with you and others – towards realising these. Here in the Hub team, we are working on responses to the wide-ranging questions posed before and during the event. You will be able to view these responses and an event recording within this week on the Research Staff Hub page. We also strongly encourage you to become familiar with the Researcher Development Concordat and what it means for you, your line manager, the University and funders, to take full advantage of current and future support.

Hub Goals

  • community-building, strengthening links, events, and communications;
  • enriching and facilitating access to career and professional development support
  • enhanced provision for mental health and wellbeing
  • pro-active work to ensure equity, inclusivity and grow diversity in Oxford
  • representation, policy development and advocacy for research staff
  • supporting principal investigators to lead and manage research staff effectively
  • further work towards a vibrant, creative and supportive research culture, including meeting our collective obligations under the new Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers;

Please contact Hub Staff to get involved with this new venture

For general enquiries contact Prof Philippa Hulley or the relevant NDORMS Postdoctoral and Research Staff Representatives