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Centre for Statistics in Medicine

Statistics expertise for medical and healthcare research

We collaborate with researchers across the UK and the globe to conduct world-class medical and healthcare research, aiming to advance healthcare practice and policy. We are committed to improving the standard of medical research methodology through research on research and methods development. We champion transparent and complete reporting of health research through reporting guidelines and training provision.

>25 years experience in medical statistics

80+ current trials

Team of medical statisticians, epidemiologists, methodologists and systematic review specialists

Home of the Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU) and the UK EQUATOR Centre

Latest CSM news

COVID-19 vaccines effectiveness: results from Norway demonstrate the reproducibility of federated analytics

Researchers from NDORMS and the University of Oslo, have successfully replicated findings from recently published international studies on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines to prevent long COVID and post-acute complications.

New study reveals long-term mental health risks after COVID-19

A new study published in Nature Human Behaviour sheds light on the long-term mental health consequences of COVID-19 infection and the growing evidence of the protective effect of vaccination on reducing the risk.

Professor Gary Collins awarded prestigious NIHR Senior Investigator award

NDORMS Professor of Medical Statistics and Director of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine, Gary Collins has been appointed National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Senior Investigator.

COVID jab linked to lower risk of COVID-19-related clot and heart complications

NDORMS research shows that vaccination reduced the risk of heart failure and some clot-related complications for up to a year.