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Dr Ngee Han Lim : Revealing the invisible - a career climbed in unexpected directions

My research centres on coming up with new ways of highlighting what’s going on inside your body so that it will show up in the scans that you get at the hospital.  My career illustrates the importance of following opportunities that arise.


Dr Jennifer De Beyer: The pen is mightier than the scalpel

All medical research has one thing in common: if it isn’t published using clear language with all the important details, no-one can use it! I’m a teacher, editor, writer, and researcher combining my love of words with my background in laboratory research to support scientists in effectively sharing their work with the world.


Dr Ghada Alsaleh:  How to add life to your years

After qualifying as a pharmacist in Syria, I was always fascinated by the research world and did not want to restrict myself to dispensing drugs but to learn more about how new drugs are developed. I moved from Damascus to Oxford via Strasbourg to follow my ambition to become a scientific researcher looking into ways to create drugs that help people stay healthier for longer

These talks are a joint initiative between two departments in the Oxford University Medical Sciences Division (NDORMS and NDS) and the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)

Speakers March 15