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Jennifer De Beyer

BSc, DPhil

Research Coordinator / Publication and Dissemination Specialist

I'm here to help your research reach its full potential through clear, complete writing that targets the right audience. I develop resources on how to write fantastic health research articles and teach science writing skills through the UK EQUATOR Centre. I also provide editing, science communication and research administration to the Centre for Statistics in Medicine (CSM) team.

I completed a BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology and BSc Hons in Biochemistry at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. As a Clarendon and Commonwealth Scholar, I then read for a DPhil in Systems Biology at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, looking at how motile bacteria react to nutrient gradients. In between microscopy experiments, I edited science textbooks back in South Africa and the Oxford student magazine Phenotype. After completing my DPhil, I left laboratory research to focus on science writing and editing, and joined CSM in March 2015.

Join one of the UK EQUATOR Centre’s courses on writing about health research or get in touch to arrange a bespoke science writing skills session. You can also find me behind the EQUATOR Network’s Twitter feed.

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