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CSM is proud to announce that two of our junior statisticians, Corran Roberts and Pradeep Virdee, were recognised during this year’s Award for Excellence exercise

Head and sholder photographs of Corran Roberts (left) and Pradeep Virdee (right).

Each year, the University of Oxford recognises staff members who have performed well in all of the key areas of their job and have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance, going beyond the requirements of their roles. We are proud to announce that two of the Centre for Statistics in Medicine’s junior statisticians, Corran Roberts and Pradeep Virdee, received an Award for Excellence during this year’s recognition exercise.

Corran and Pradeep are medical statisticians in CSM’s statistical support team, which provides statistics expertise for clinical trials and other medical research conducted at the University of Oxford and beyond.

Corran’s high-quality work has seen her co-author five academic publication submissions in her two years with CSM, and in 2015 alone, she had five abstracts accepted for presentation at academic conferences. She has now stepped into the leading statistician role in an exciting new trial in collaboration with Stanford University. Corran is also focused on developing the field of medical statistics by engaging younger students with mathematics and promoting the field to undergraduates. She led CSM’s involvement in this year’s CRUK Oxford Open day.

Despite only joining CSM in August 2014, Pradeep has already had four abstracts accepted for academic conferences, and won recognition for a poster presented at the third CRUK/MRC Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology Symposium. In his daily work, Pradeep has used his large trial portfolio to improve the communication and processes between the many departments involved in his projects. He has also focused on adding value to the CSM team by advising on standard operating procedure compliance.

Sharon Love, Deputy Director of CSM, said: “I’m delighted to have Corran and Pradeep recognised for their outstanding contributions in the last year, for taking the initiative in their daily work, stepping into leadership roles, and supporting CSM’s mission."

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