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In memorium

Ling Felce

It is with deep sadness that we heard of the untimely death of Dr Ling Felce, a former Postdoctoral Researcher at NDORMS. 

Ling worked with Dr Gillian Farnie in Professor Udo Oppermann’s group, where she investigated the epigentic effects of MLLT1, a histone reader, in breast cancer and acute myeloid leukaemia.  

After her time at NDORMS, she joined the Nuffield Department of Medicine to work in Professor Tao Dong’s and Professor Julian Knight’s groups. She focussed on characterising T cell responses against different SARAS-CoV2 epitopes through the use of integrated single cell RNA sequencing and TCR repertoire analysis.  

Professor Dong said “Ling provided invaluable help and advice on several scientific projects, and her contributions will be greatly missed. She was always willing to help and support her colleagues and especially the students within the group, and she laid the foundations for our Bioinformatic research platform (soon to become a dedicated Bioinformatics centre within the newly established CAMS-Oxford Institute at Oxford University). 

"Ling was a very bright young scientist, excited about the future and everything it may bring for her and her young family. We are devastated by this tragedy that has taken her at such a promising point in her life.”  

Our thoughts are with Ling’s family and friends.  


There is more information about Ling's funeral on her Tribute page, where you can also write a message, share a memory or picture, and donate to a charity in memory of Ling.