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Full Study Title: Comparison of close contact cast (CCC) technique to open surgical reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) in the treatment of unstable ankle fractures in patients over 60 years: a pragmatic randomised controlled equivalence study

The Ankle Injury Management study worked to determine whether a modified cast treatment using a 'close contact cast' is equivalent to an operation using plates and screws, i.e. it gives the same results without the need for open surgery and the risks of wound healing problems and infection. 


For further information about the AIM trial, please visit our web page - link below!

AIM Trial Web Page


Watch our series of videos which demonstrate the technique used in this trial:

1. The Ankle Injury Management (AIM) Trial and Close Contact Casting (CCC)


2. Close Contact Casting (CCC): Key points regarding application and follow-up


3. Close Contact Casting (CCC): Introduction


4. Close Contact Casting (CCC): Principles of Technique


5. Close Contact Casting (CCCC): Preparing the Cast (Demo with Documentary)


6. Close Contact Casting (CCC): Application Technique Demo


7. Close Contact Casting (CCC): Preparing the Cast (Silent Demo(