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Day-case mastectomy surgery provides benefits to both patients and hospitals. Key barriers are the use of a drain and the risk of postoperative seroma formation. We introduced the use of a tissue sealant (Artiss) into the surgical site (post-mastectomy without immediate reconstruction and postaxillary clearance) and evaluated its effect on our practice, particularly day-case rates. A prospective audit of 177 patients who underwent a simple mastectomy with or without axillary surgery, or axillary node clearance with or without breast-conserving surgery was conducted at a single surgical center in the UK between November 2015 and November 2016. Artiss was used in all operations and, where appropriate, the drain was omitted to facilitate day-case surgery. The clinical outcomes were compared between patients undergoing different operations and duration of hospital stay. There was no statistically significant difference between day-case patients and inpatients in seroma aspiration rates (24.5% and 21.7%, respectively; P = 0.381) or other complications (22.4% and 16.1%, respectively; P = 0.106). The day-case mastectomy rate increased from 3.9% in the first quarter to 45.5% in the final quarter, which was a significant increase reaching well beyond the national target. The use of Artiss enabled us to increase the drain-free day-case surgery rates over a 1-year period, exceeding the 30% target recommended by the British Association of Day Surgery. We did not observe any increase in patient morbidity, and the change was cost-effective. We have now implemented the routine use of Artiss in women undergoing simple mastectomy with or without axillary surgery and stand-alone axillary node clearances as part of enhanced recovery clinical pathways.

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Breast j

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Artiss, day case, drain-free, fibrin tissue sealant, mastectomy, seroma