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UNLABELLED: We utilised the Hertfordshire cohort study to examine relationships between bone density at baseline and SF-36 status 4 years later. We found deterioration in the mental health domain over follow-up in osteoporotic men (but not women) compared with other groups (relative rate ratio=5.78, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.78-19.2). INTRODUCTION: Osteoporosis is associated with decreased quality of life, although it has been difficult to evaluate the confounding effects of fracture and co-morbidity. Having previously shown that male osteoporotics have poorer health than counterparts with normal bone mineral density, even after adjustment for co-morbidity and prior fracture, we assessed quality of life in both groups 4 years apart. METHODS: Four hundred and ninety-eight men and 468 women completed questionnaires detailing lifestyle factors, co-morbidities and quality of life (SF-36) before undergoing bone density measurements at the lumbar spine and total femur. At follow-up 4 years later, 322 men and 320 women were reassessed. RESULTS: Multinomial logistic regression confirmed deterioration in mental health over follow-up in osteoporotic men compared with other groups (relative rate ratio=5.78, 95% CI 1.78-19.2). These patterns were not apparent among women. CONCLUSIONS: Men with lower bone density at baseline had poorer quality of life some 4 years later, even after adjustment for co-morbidity and fracture. This may reflect secondary osteoporosis in men (due to alcohol or hypogonadism).

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Osteoporos int

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1817 - 1824


Absorptiometry, Photon, Aged, Bone Density, Cohort Studies, Comorbidity, Female, Femur, Follow-Up Studies, Humans, Life Style, Lumbar Vertebrae, Male, Mental Disorders, Middle Aged, Osteoporosis, Psychometrics, Quality of Life