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Introduction: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak is a common complication of surgery involving the lumbar spine. However, although there are various therapeutic options for CSF leak, there is currently no optimal technique, and the choice of therapy often depends on the surgeon's cumulative experience. The aim of this study was to describe the successful treatment of CSF leakage using blood injection therapy along the drain removal tract. Technical Note: We enrolled 7 consecutive patients who underwent lumbar surgery at our institute. The surgeries performed included decompression in two patients (one microendoscopic surgery), fusion in four, and an epidural cyst resection in one. After finding a CSF leak, we injected about 10 ml of blood from the patient into the drain tract. CSF leak did not recur after the blood injection in any of the seven patients. Following just one day of bed rest, the symptoms of intracranial hypotension disappeared with no instances of worsened symptoms of back pain, lower limb pain or fever. Conclusions: We propose this route of blood injection therapy as a novel method for the treatment of CSF leak after lumbar surgery.

Original publication




Journal article


Spine surg relat res

Publication Date





95 - 98


Blood injection, Cerebrospinal fluid leak, Complication, Lumbar spine, Lumbar surgery