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The bone marrow (BM) vascular niche microenvironments harbor stem and progenitor cells of various lineages. Bone angiogenesis is distinct and involves tissue-specific signals. The nurturing vascular niches in the BM are complex and heterogenous consisting of distinct vascular and perivascular cell types that provide crucial signals for the maintenance of stem and progenitor cells. Growing evidence suggests that the BM niche is highly sensitive to stress. Aging, inflammation and other stress factors induce changes in BM niche cells and their crosstalk with tissue cells leading to perturbed hematopoiesis, bone angiogenesis and bone formation. Defining vascular niche remodeling under stress conditions will improve our understanding of the BM vascular niche and its role in homeostasis and disease. Therefore, this review provides an overview of the current understanding of the BM vascular niches for hematopoietic stem cells and their malfunction during aging, bone loss diseases, arthritis and metastasis.

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Journal article


Front cell dev biol

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angiogenesis, arthritis, bone marrow microenvironment, bone metastasis, inflammation, vascular niche