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CONTEXT: Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in vitamin D metabolism pathway genes are associated with circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] in adults. Less is known about the relationships between mother and offspring SNPs and umbilical cord blood 25(OH)D. OBJECTIVE: (1) To undertake a meta-analysis of the relationships of maternal and offspring SNPs in the vitamin D metabolism pathway and cord blood 25(OH)D in pregnant women including novel data; and (2) to examine these relationships in women who received antenatal cholecalciferol supplementation in a clinical trial. DATA SOURCES: Novel data analysis from an observational mother-offspring cohort study (Southampton Women's Survey) and the MAVIDOS double-blind randomised placebo-control trial of 1000 IU/day cholecalciferol supplementation in pregnancy, and an electronic literature search of published studies in PubMed up to 31 July 2021. STUDY SELECTION: Studies reporting on associations between rs12785878 (DHCR7), rs10741657 (CYP2R1), rs6013897 (CYP24A1) or rs2282679 (GC) and cord blood 25(OH)D. One published study was included in addition to the novel data analysis. DATA SYNTHESIS: Associations between both maternal and offspring SNPs at rs2282679 (GC) and rs12785878 (DHCR7) and cord blood 25(OH)D were identified. When maternal genotype was adjusted for offspring genotype, and vice versa, there was persisting evidence for associations with maternal rs12785878 (β (95%CI) 1.6nmol/l (0.3, 2.8) per common allele), and offspring rs2282679 (β 3.1nmol/l (2.0, 4.4) per common allele). Maternal and offspring SNPs at rs1074657 and rs613897 were not associated with cord blood 25(OH)D. CONCLUSIONS: Common genetic variation in the vitamin D metabolism pathway is associated with umbilical cord blood 25(OH)D.

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J clin endocrinol metab

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25-hydroxyvitamin D, DHCR7, GC, single nucleotide polymorphism, umbilical cord blood, vitamin D