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The quadrupole moments of the first two superdeformed (SD) bands in the nucleus 151Tb have been measured with the Doppler Shift Attenuation Method (DSAM) using the EUROGAM γ-ray spectrometer. The first excited band (B2) is identical to the yrast SD band of 152Dy in terms of dynamical moments of inertia and γ-ray energies. The measured relative quadrupole moments of the yrast band (B1) with respect to the band B2 are nicely reproduced by self-consitent Hartree-Fock calculations. The variation of the Q0 value at the bottom of the yrast band suggests a large admixture between wave functions in the normal and the SD wells. This could explain the rather high deexcitation spin for the yrast band.

Original publication




Journal article


European physical journal a

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123 - 127