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We considered how weight-bearing physical activity (WBPA) through the lifecourse related to bone health in late adulthood in the Hertfordshire Cohort Study (HCS), a cohort of community dwelling adults born 1931-9, to identify sex-specific differences and periods critical for optimal bone health. Available questionnaire data from 258 participants (128 men and 130 women) included current reported lifestyle factors (including physical activity) and WBPA, coded as participation in WBPA aged  once a week. Hip bone mineral density (BMD) was measured using a Lunar Prodigy DXA scanner. The mean age was 75.4 (SD 2.5) years in men and 75.7 (SD 2.6) years in women. Men reported significantly higher levels of past WBPA aged 

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Calcif tissue int

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BMD, Lifecourse, Physical activity, Weight bearing