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AIMS: The aim of this study was to explore the functional results in a fitter subgroup of participants in the Hip Fracture Evaluation with Alternatives of Total Hip Arthroplasty versus Hemiarthroplasty (HEALTH) trial to determine whether there was an advantage of total hip arthroplasty (THA) versus hemiarthroplasty (HA) in this population. METHODS: We performed a post hoc exploratory analysis of a fitter cohort of patients from the HEALTH trial. Participants were aged over 50 years and had sustained a low-energy displaced femoral neck fracture (FNF). The fittest participant cohort was defined as participants aged 70 years or younger, classified as American Society of Anesthesiologists grade I or II, independent walkers prior to fracture, and living at home prior to fracture. Multilevel models were used to estimate the effect of THA versus HA on functional outcomes. In addition, a sensitivity analysis of the definition of the fittest participant cohort was performed. RESULTS: There were 143 patients included in the fittest cohort. Mean age was 66 years (SD 4.5) and 103 were female (72%). No clinically relevant differences were found between the treatment groups in the primary and sensitivity analyses. CONCLUSION: This analysis found no differences in functional outcomes between HA and THA within two years of displaced low-energy FNF in a subgroup analysis of the fittest HEALTH patients. These findings suggest that very few patients above 50 years of age benefit in a clinically meaningful way from a THA versus a HA early after injury.Cite this article: Bone Jt Open 2022;3(8):611-617.

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Journal article


Bone jt open

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611 - 617


12-Item Short Form Survey (SF-12), Anesthesiologists, EQ-5D scores, Femoral neck fracture, Health-related quality of life, Hemiarthroplasty, Total hip arthroplasty, displaced femoral neck fracture, functional outcomes, hip fractures, sensitivity analysis, total hip arthroplasty (THA), walkers