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OBJECTIVES: In psoriatic arthritis (PsA), self-management is important for patient function and quality of life. Behaviour change can be difficult, patients could benefit from high-quality support to initiate change. Our aim was to codesign the project as theory-informed, evidence-based, patient-focused, materials supporting healthy lifestyle changes for patients diagnosed with PsA. METHODS: Development of the materials was overseen by a steering group of patients with PsA, psychologists, rheumatologists, a design team and researchers. First, a literature review was performed to establish the evidence base for behaviours and potential interventions in PsA, including diet, weight, alcohol, smoking, exercise, anxiety, depression and stress. An initial roundtable of patients with PsA prioritised areas and content ideas. Draft materials including a website and downloadable materials were produced. A second roundtable of patients with PsA collected feedback on the draft content and design. A third roundtable was held with patients with PsA and a fourth with clinicians to refine the materials and ensuring that they were evidence based, accessible, interesting, and helpful to initiate and maintain change. A final evaluation survey was performed to review the draft website before launching the final materials. RESULTS: 15 candidate topics were prioritised. A website and set of postcards summarising the topics were developed by the design team and refined following feedback from the roundtable groups. CONCLUSION: This project created patient-focused resources to support behaviour change. It addresses common concerns of patients with PsA about how they may optimise their health by providing practical and brief interventions to challenge and support them to make changes.

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patient reported outcome measures, psoriatic arthritis, psychology