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Objectives: To evaluate 1-year bimekizumab efficacy in psoriatic arthritis (PsA) from the patient perspective using the 12-item PsA Impact of Disease (PsAID-12) questionnaire. Methods: BE OPTIMAL (NCT03895203; biologic disease-modifying antirheumatic drug [bDMARD]-naïve), BE COMPLETE (NCT03896581; inadequate response/intolerance to tumour necrosis factor inhibitors [TNFi-IR]) and BE VITAL (NCT04009499; open-label extension) assessed bimekizumab 160 mg every 4 weeks in patients with PsA. Post hoc analyses of patientreported disease impact, assessed by the PsAID-12 questionnaire, are reported to 1 year (collected to Week 40 in BE COMPLETE). Results: Overall, 1,112 total patients were included (698 bimekizumab, 414 placebo). Rapid improvements observed with bimekizumab treatment at Week 4 continued to Week 16 and were sustained to 1 year. At 1 year, mean (standard error) change from baseline in PsAID-12 total score was comparable between bimekizumab-randomized patients and patients who switched to bimekizumab at Week 16 (bDMARD-naïve bimekizumab –2.3 [0.1], placebo/bimekizumab –2.2 [0.1]; TNFi-IR bimekizumab –2.5 [0.1], placebo/bimekizumab –2.2 [0.2]). Proportions of bimekizumab-randomized patients achieving clinically meaningful within-patient improvement (≥3- point decrease from baseline) at Week 16 were sustained to 1 year (bDMARD-naïve 49.0%; TNFi-IR 48.5%) and were similar for placebo/bimekizumab patients (bDMARD-naïve 44.4%; TNFi-IR 40.6%). Across studies and arms, 35.3% to 47.8% of patients had minimal or no symptom impact at 1 year. Improvements were observed to 1 year across all single-item domains, including pain, fatigue and skin problems. Conclusion: Bimekizumab treatment resulted in rapid and sustained clinically meaningful improvements in disease impact up to 1 year in bDMARD-naïve and TNFi-IR patients with PsA.


Journal article




Oxford University Press

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PsA, health-related QoL, rheumatology, PROM, Severity of Illness Index , bimekizumab