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Cytokines are a large family of more than 100 small proteins that function as short-range mediators involved in essentially all biological processes. They have been found to be important rate-limiting signals, and it is now known that blocking some cytokines, e.g., TNF-alpha, and cytokine receptors, such as human EGFR 1 (HER1) or HER2, yields effective therapeutics that address unmet needs. This Review Series surveys three chronic inflammatory disease areas and two forms of cancer and discusses the important role of cytokines and their receptors in these disease processes. Their role as potential therapeutic targets is also highlighted.

Original publication




Journal article


J clin invest

Publication Date





3533 - 3536


Cytokines, Forecasting, Humans, Immunologic Factors, Inflammation, Neoplasms, Receptors, Cytokine