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A fixed microelectrode device for cell stimulation has been designed and fabricated using micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology. Dielectrophoretic forces obtained from non-uniform electric fields were used for manipulating and positioning osteoblasts. The experiments show that the osteoblasts experience positive dielectrophoresis (p-DEP) when suspended in iso-osmotic culture medium and exposed to AC fields at 5 MHz frequency. Negative dielectrophoresis (n-DEP) is obtained at 0.1 MHz. The viability of osteoblasts under dielectrophoresis has been investigated. The viability values for cells exposed to DEP are nearly three times higher than the control values, indicating that dielectrophoresis may have an anabolic effect on osteoblasts.

Original publication




Journal article


Biomed microdevices

Publication Date





353 - 359


Cell Culture Techniques, Cell Line, Tumor, Cell Survival, Electrophoresis, Microchip, Humans, Microelectrodes, Osteoblasts