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Trauma and orthopaedics is the largest of the surgical specialties and yet attracts a disproportionately small fraction of available national and international funding for health research. With the burden of musculoskeletal disease increasing, high-quality research is required to improve the evidence base for orthopaedic practice. Using the current research landscape in the United Kingdom as an example, but also addressing the international perspective, we highlight the issues surrounding poor levels of research funding in trauma and orthopaedics and indicate avenues for improving the impact and success of surgical musculoskeletal research.

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Journal article


The bone & joint journal

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1578 - 1585


Newcastle University, Musculoskeletal Research Group, Level 4 Cookson Building, The Medical School, Newcastle, NE2 4HH, UK.


Orthopedics, Research, Research Design, Charities, Industry, Financing, Government, Canada, United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Europe, Research Support as Topic, United Kingdom