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A substantial number of GH regulated genes have been reported in mature hepatocytes, but genes involved in GH-initiated cell differentiation have not yet been identified. Here we have studied a well-characterised model of GH-dependent differentiation, adipogenesis of 3T3-F442A preadipocytes, to identify genes rapidly induced by GH. Using the suppression subtractive hybridisation technique, we have identified eight genes induced within 60 min of GH treatment, and verified these by northern analysis. Six were identifiable as Stat 2, Stat 3, thrombospondin-1, oncostatin M receptor beta chain, a DEAD box RNA helicase, and muscleblind, a developmental transcription factor. Bioinformatic approaches assigned one of the two remaining unknown genes as a novel 436 residue serine/threonine kinase. As each of the identified genes have important developmental roles, they may be important in initiating GH-induced adipogenesis.

Original publication




Journal article


Molecular and cellular endocrinology

Publication Date





213 - 219


Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Institute for Molecular Biology, University of Queensland, Qld 4072, Brisbane, Australia.


Cell Line, Adipocytes, Humans, Growth Hormone, RNA Helicases, Protein-Serine-Threonine Kinases, DNA-Binding Proteins, Trans-Activators, Thrombospondin 1, Drosophila Proteins, Receptors, Cytokine, Nuclear Proteins, Cell Differentiation, Gene Expression Regulation, Amino Acid Sequence, Gene Library, Molecular Sequence Data, STAT2 Transcription Factor, STAT3 Transcription Factor, Receptors, Oncostatin M