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In this paper, at first, a novel step by step method is introduced to design combined feed networks for Dual-band Dual-polarized Patch (DDF) antennas; considered as a 4-port network, 4-port DDF antenna element having defined operation bands and defined input impedances is converted into a 2-port DDF antenna. In this method, excitation of unwanted modes is blocked, and impedance matching of the 2-port antenna in the operation bands is also obtained. The calculations are based on transmission line model. Moreover, a 4-port aperture coupled DDF antenna is presented here in a new form, circular form, for GSM (890-960 MHz) and DCS (1710-1880 MHz) bands. This antenna consists of two aperture-coupled patches: a circular ring patch for the GSM band and a notched circular patch for the DCS band; both are printed on the same layer. Finally, the introduced method is used for the presented 4-port DDF antenna, and a 2-port DDF antenna suitable for application in the GSM/DCS systems is obtained. Details of the design and the experimental results are presented. ©2009 IEEE.

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401 - 404