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The nuclei 55,56 Cr were populated to high spin following the reaction 48 Ca( 11 B,pxn) 58-x Cr at a beam energy of 35-40 MeV. The level scheme of 55 Cr has been confirmed and extended to J π =25/2 + . The level scheme of 56 Cr has been extended to J=13. The spins and parity of the majority of levels have been determined unambiguously for the first time. The first firm evidence for an intruder band based on the νg 9/2 orbital has been observed in 55 Cr. In 56 Cr, the position of the first 4 + state has been determined unambiguously and the presence of a subshell closure at N=32 has been confirmed on the basis of the E 4(1) +/E 2(1) + systematics. The properties of both nuclei are compared with total Routhian surface calculations and with previous predictions of subshell closures at N=32 and 34. The systematics in the region are discussed in terms of the strong νf 5/2 -πf 7/2 interaction and its effect on the underlying single-particle structure.


Journal article


Physical review c - nuclear physics

Publication Date





343091 - 343098