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© 2019, Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany, part of Springer Nature. Introduction: All the surgeries carry risks, which may lead to readmission at a later date. At present, there is limited Trauma and Orthopaedic (T&O) specific data in the literature. As a result, a prospective regional service evaluation aimed to discover the current complication and readmission rates across all T&O procedures and identify any factors associated with these outcomes. Methods: Data were collected at six sites across Yorkshire and Humber for all T&O procedures during October 2016. Patient demographics and procedure-specific data were collected. Post-operative complications and length of stay were recorded. All the patients were then followed up for 30 days post-discharge to determine if they experienced complications which resulted in readmission and further surgical intervention. Results: 1411 patients having a total of 64 operations were recorded with 1391 completing follow-up (98.5%). Overall in-patient complication rate was 8.4% with the readmission rate being 4.4%. An ASA grade of three or more was found to be associated with readmission. Procedure-related factors such as the use of VTE prophylaxis and prophylactic antibiotics, as well as the elective nature of certain operations were negatively associated with readmission. The largest subgroup of patients was those undergoing total hip (THR) or knee replacements (TKR). For these 234 patients, the readmission rate for TKR and THR being 3.77% and 3.13%, respectively. Conclusions: This large, multi-centre project describes readmission rates following trauma and orthopaedic surgery. In the presented study, the elective nature of the procedure was associated with a reduced risk of readmission.

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Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery

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