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All Ligaments Left In Knee Arthroplasty Trial


ZIMMER BIOMET has developed a knee implant that may help a younger active patient population achieve better outcomes post-surgery.  The Vanguard XP system preserves the soft tissue and all ligaments in the knee joint, enhancing autonomous repair and function.  The system requires a functional Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and is constrained by the natural soft tissue in the joint. 


To test the theoretical basis of this design (and support a wider introduction of Vanguard XP knee), a multi-centre clinical study in the UK is required to document the safety and effectiveness of the new device.  To achieve this the Vanguard XP (double cruciate retaining) will be compared against an equivalent single cruciate retaining device, the Vanguard CR.  The Vanguard CR is the current implant of choice for these patients and fits the PICO profile for an appropriate trial comparator.  The Vanguard CR is a knee replacement system with a well documented performance and has been the device of choice in many institutions.

ALLIKAT is a multicentre randomised controlled trial currently recruiting patients from 4 centres in the UK.  If your Hospital/organisation would like to get involved in ALLIKAT, please contact the study team.

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