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Hip Arthroplasty Positioning Improvement study (HAPI)


CORIN has developed technology that may enable the delivery of the prosthetic acetabular cup into an optimised position with greater accuracy and reliability for patients undergoing total hip replacement. The Corin Optimised Positioning System is a novel platform that comprises pre-operative planning and intra-operative guidance.

Pre-operatively, patients undergo dynamic imaging to investigate the relative movements of their spine, pelvis and hips. The optimised position and orientation of the prosthetic acetabular cup is determined. A unique patient-specific guide is custom-made. This guide is used intra-operatively, with a laser-guided alignment system, to place the prosthetic acetabular cup into the target position.


To investigate the ability of the Corin Optimised Positioning System in reducing post-operative dislocation rate, a multi-centre clinical study is required.  The Corin Optimised Positioning System will be compared with standard practice in patients undergoing total hip replacement. 

The HAPI study is a multicentre randomised controlled trial currently recruiting patients from six centres in the UK.  If your hospital/organisation would like to get involved in the HAPI study, please contact the study team.

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