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Mission statement

OTMC is a patient-focused research organisation dedicated to improving the lives of patients with Myeloma by developing personalised treatment approaches and curative strategies, and by supporting the development of new therapies whilst training the next generation of investigators. In particular, we will:


  • Implement a personalized approach by adopting molecular diagnosis/risk stratification and MRD assessments in routine patient care  
  • develop a curative treatment strategy to increase the proportion of myeloma patients who are cured of this condition.
  • identify people with myeloma at an earlier stage so they can benefit from early intervention and treatment – this will reduce the number of patients who go on to develop malignant myeloma cancer.
  • support the development of new therapies and the identification of existing drug classes to treat patients – this will significantly increase the number of people cured by myeloma, and improve the quality of care and long-term remission for all myeloma cancer patients.
  • instigate the efficient use of medications to reduce cost and side-effects, thereby personalising care.
  • create a roadmap for other incurable cancers by making our strategy a national model.