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OTMC benefits from research and capabilities already available at the University and clinical facilities, which is at the forefront of innovative new drug development platforms, centres of excellence in haematology and cancer research and existing research hubs and biobanks for myeloma cancer. 

OTMC university collaboration.png

As well as hosting world-leading scientists, institutions and capabilities within medical research, the University of Oxford also holds great influence and partnerships externally that will facilitate the success of this work on a national as well as international scale. This includes the following: 

  • The Department of Health and other governmental bodies. Many Oxford researchers hold dual clinical and research roles, and we have a working partnership between the University and NHS Trust. This ensures that patients are at the heart of all medical research. In addition, the University holds influence with central government and the Department of Health, facilitating the translation of Oxford research into patient care.
  • Pharmaceutical companies and industry. Extensive collaborations between OTMC investigators and research-intensive pharmaceutical industry exist, making the Centre an attractive collaborative hub for industry investment into myeloma therapies and research.
  • Genomics England. This is owned by the United Kingdom Department of Health and Social Care and holds data from 100,000 genomes from NHS patients with rare diseases or cancer. It is world- leading in genomic healthcare. The University and Genomics England work in close partnership.
  • Patient groups. A vital element for OTMC success is to work closely with the myeloma patient community. We already have strong partnerships with local patient groups, including the Oxford Myeloma Support Group and the Oxford Blood Group, and we will continue to build on this excellent relationship.