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Information developed with patients for patients

This patient information has been produced with the help of patients so that they have the information they want and need to understand their proposed operation and recovery times, including rehabilitation exercises.

Patients can choose to read, watch or listen to this information about their orthopaedic operations to help enhance discussion and shared decision making with their surgical team.

TEPI information for

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This information has been developed from a research study that was run by Professor Jonathan Rees and Ms Jane Moser from NDORMS. They invited other surgical colleagues from NDORMS (Andrew Price, Andrew Carr and Sion Glyn-Jones) to join them and team up with Prof Sue Ziebland and Dr Sara Ryan from the Department of Primary Care to examine the unmet information needs of patients after some common orthopaedic operations. This new and improved type of information includes using web based simulated graphics to enhance the information available to patients.


The study was jointly funded by Arthritis Research UK and the NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Unit.

Acknowledgements and Contributions

Patient recruitment and focus groups: Paul Guyver, Jane Moser, Cathy Jenkins, Sara Ryan. Data collection and patient feedback: Health Experiences Research Group (HERG), Suman Prinjha, Maria Salinas, Sara Ryan, Sue Ziebland. Booklet writing and clinical expertise: Jonathan Rees, Jane Moser, Cathy Jenkins, Andrew Carr, Sion Glyn Jones, Jonathan Chanter, Stuart Benham, Andrew Price. Graphical design and TEPI simulations: Max Biege. Web support: Wulf Forrester-Barker.

Thank you to: Arthritis Research UK and NIHR Oxford Biomedical Research Unit for funding this project. Karen Barker, Christopher Little and William Jackson for supporting patient recruitment from their clinics and to all the patients that gave up their time to share their experiences and help contribute and improve the quality of patient information that is available to orthopaedic patients.