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The University of Oxford Apprenticeship Expo & Awards 2020 was held on the 11th March at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford. The event was full of inspirational apprentices and managers receiving awards for their hard work and achievements. It gave apprentices, training providers, managers, colleagues, parents and members of staff the opportunity to network and discuss all things Apprenticeships. Many members of the SITU team came and supported SITU Apprentice, Teya at this brilliant event.

Teya and I are members of the University of Oxford Ambassador team, and we offered to be part of the Expo & Awards committee which involved helping out at the start of the event, speaking to other members of staff about Apprenticeships, answering any questions they may have and of course encouraging people to vote for the poster competition! 

At noon, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, arrived and it was time for the completion certificates to be handed out, followed by the awards.

This year there were 8 award categories (more than ever before!), all judged by various departments and groups around the University. Our SITU Apprentice, Teya was a finalist for two award categories: 2nd Year Apprentice Award and Ambassador of the Year Award. 

Winner award ceremony concept

Teya won 2nd Year Apprentice Award. Pictured next to finalists Jasmin Irscheid and Leon Blake. 


 Teya Awards 5

Teya was a finalist in the Ambassador of the Year category. Pictured next to finalist Sam Jones and winner Bushra Nawaz.

 Following her success at the awards, WE ASKED Teya...

 What was your reaction to winning your award?

When I heard that my name had been called out, I felt so shocked and had a little bit of stage nerves. When I stood on the stage, I could see my team and family cheering and I then filled with happiness! It was and is such a great feeling to be recognised for my hard work by not only my wonderfully supportive team, but also by everyone who had a say in deciding that I would be the winner for the 2nd Year Apprentice Award. Thank you!

Can you describe some benefits of completing an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships allow you to kick-start your dream career fresh out of school, or offers you the chance to change your career later in life whilst also earning a generous salary. Not only do you gain skills and experience within the workplace that build you up to be a confident and efficient employee, but you also gain a lot of life experience that will stay with you throughout your professions. You work closely with a brilliant team, meet a lot of friendly faces at college, through the workplace and at apprenticeship events. You have the opportunity to grow your network throughout your apprenticeship course and someone is always there to offer you support.

What would you recommend to anyone considering an Apprenticeship?

I would definitely recommend an apprenticeship to everyone looking to learn valuable skills, acquire lots of experience and knowledge by being more hands-on, without gaining any student debt... but by actually earning money whilst you learn! Being an apprentice doesn't mean that you miss out on social aspects of Sixth Form/ University as you will build up wonderful relationships with the people you work with, go to college with and meet throughout your apprenticeship. This is advantageous as you will build up your professional network and help to build your career.

The advice I would offer when you are looking for your apprenticeship is to take your time to look for a course in an area that you really enjoy, or a job that you could see yourself progressing in. There are a variety of brilliant apprenticeships, companies and training providers that offer a range of different apprenticeship courses (some examples include: HR, finance, business administration, engineering, to more unique apprenticeships working in the University's labs or museums), so take your time to read the job description carefully and research the company.

 Teya Agnese

 Teya was one of eight Apprentice's that submitted a poster nomination. 

 Teya Awards 4

Teya's proud colleagues and family pictured.


If you want to find out more about the event, or about Apprenticeships in general, please get in touch with Melissa (Apprenticeships Adminstration & Events Coordinator) and Clive (Apprenticeships Manager) at: