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Chen-Yi Wang

Postdoctoral Researcher


My research interests have been focused on chromatin biology since I studied my PhD in Taiwan, including telomere and telomerase in cellular senescence and histone modifications in the regulation of transcription and chromatin structure.

With the support of an international joint project between Taiwan (Dr. Kao, Academia Sinica) and France (Dr. Devys and Dr. Tora, IGBMC), I started my work at IGBMC since 2012 and have applied the next generation sequencing (NGS) techniques to study the dynamics of a transcription coactivator, SAGA complex, by investigating the distribution of histone H2B ubiquitination and H3 Lys9 acetylation modulated by SAGA. In 2014, I moved to the group of Prof Filippakopoulos in the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, University of Oxford, to study histone acetylation and their reader proteins such as BET proteins, their cellular roles in cancer cells. In 2017, I have joined to the group of Prof Oppermann at the Botnar Research Centre and have participated in the projects on Women’s Health, to discover the putative targets and/or pathways in women diseases by NGS.

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