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Maria Granell Moreno

Equality and Diversity Advisor

Developing action plans aimed at improving gender balance in NDORMS and assisting departmental applications for Athena SWAN awards. This includes:


  • Acting as a guide and advisor both on the Athena SWAN process and how the gender balance could be improved.
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practice across MSD departments and the broader University.  Ensure that the lessons learned during the application process are also shared, including developing and maintaining a web-based bank of information
  • Presenting the departmental data sets to the Head of Department and Athena SWAN working group.
  • Coordinating the NDORMS Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team
  • Developing and monitoring SMART (Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Time-bound) action plans to address gender imbalances including proposals for policy and culture change at departmental level. 

I have a LLB in Law from Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona, and an MSc in Mediation, Conflict management and resolution from Barcelona University. I worked as a community and family mediator from 2006 for Terrassa, Sitges and St Pere de Ribes City Councils for 6 years before joining the department in 2012.

I am also an Accredited Workplace Mediator.