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Bones and bodies

Hi folks,

This week, I have some body based activities, mostly bone related.  

Bones play a vital role in holding us up.  Here is a simple experiment that demonstrates using playdough or plasticine with and without an embedded straw to show how bones help support our bodies.

This activity is a version of an activity which NDORMS' very own James Edwards has used for engaging the public and looks at how you can make bendy and brittle bones at home by removing different components which together help make our bones the amazing things that they are.

Model paper skeleton

Some of you may recognise the moving paper skeleton above from our Spring brunch a few years ago.  The files are now up on our intranet pages if you'd like to have a go.

NASA have created this resource which looks at how a reduction in bone mass might affect our bodies and looks at osteoporosis and how spending time in space can affect the bones of astronauts.

Find out more about how our hands work by making an articulated hand using straws, cardboard and string.   

Sarah Bearchell shows us how we can make a simple stethoscope from household objects in her latest Sensory Science video.

And finally ...

Thanks to Anne Francis for sending in this great picture of her family's chromatography experiment.  If you do try any of these activities do let me know - I love to hear about it.