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Find out more about what our work experience students thought about their experience at NDORMS by watching the video below.

This year twelve more A level students from local schools took part in the NDORMS work experience programme.  The programme offers students a unique chance to get a taste of the wide variety of research which goes on within our department.


I really enjoyed the practical aspects such as lab work, or watching an appointment or seeing joints being dissected or using an ultrasound.  I also really enjoyed using and developing critical thinking skills.
- Work Experience Student


During their time here students carried out practicals in our labs, attended talks,  debated trial ethics, shadowed patient appointments in our gait lab and a took part in a host of other activities relating to our work in NDORMS.


I enjoyed these as they were mentally engaging and challenged me to think beyond my current A-level scope
- Work Experience Student


If you are, or know a young person that might be interested in taking part in our work experience programme in the future, then please see our work experience web pages for more information.

Genuinely perfect
- Work Experience Student



 It would not be possible to run these weeks without all the NDORMS staff and students who got involved.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  

I really enjoyed my week - it was very well organised, full of a variety of activities.  It was great to gain insight into research and how this works alongside practical and clinical work.
- Work Experience Student