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【翻訳】Exercise booklet_Japanese
【翻訳】Exercise Diary_Japanese
【翻訳】Borg scale instructions_Japanese
【翻訳 SMART goals_Japanese
【翻訳】Personal exercise guide_Japanese


Megumi Nakamura, OT 
Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences 
Faculty of Health Sciences 
Department of Occupational Therapy 
Osaka, Japan

Yasuko Araki
Anita Corporation representative
Kyoto, Japan

Hiroko Tanimura, OT,
Specialized Occupational Therapist in Hand Surgery 
Kyoto college of medical & health
Kyoto, Japan

Ryuichi Saura, MD. PhD
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, 
Division of Comprehensive Medicine, 
Osaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University School of Medicine
Osaka, Japan