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Oxford Trauma will deliver a suite of Cochrane Reviews and Overviews that will best inform the management of patients with hip fracture and future NICE Guidance.



Hip fracture is one of the biggest challenges facing patients and healthcare systems. Worldwide there are 1.3 million hip fractures with more than 70,000 hip fractures in the UK every year. These figures are projected to rise to more than 100,000 by 2020 in the UK and more than 6 million by 2050 worldwide. The global cost of this clinical problem is estimated at 1.75 million disability adjusted life years lost and represents 1.4% of the total healthcare burden in established market economies. Hip fracture is the focus of 29 separate Cochrane Reviews; NICE has published clinical guidance & quality standards. This major health problem is the source of considerable ongoing research.



The focus of this project is to deliver outputs that can inform future healthcare policy for these fractures. In consultation with the editorial leads of the involved Cochrane Review Groups we have agreed to limit the scope to Products (Reviews, Overviews and network meta-analyses) that are pertinent to the management of hip fracture commensurate with the NICE Guideline.

Refinement of the scope of the Products will be sought early from the one-day stakeholder (clinician, patient, researcher and policymaker) Consultation Workshop. This will be centred on the production of ‘briefs’ for the individual Products. Up-to-date methodology, including GRADE assessments and Summary of Findings tables will be used; with a view to maximise the utility of the outputs for NICE Guidance.

Four Cochrane Review Groups and involved authors have committed to collaborate together where Products require their expertise. This is a collaboration between organisations that are currently delivering Reviews and NHS stakeholders (Oxford University Hospitals, NICE and other policymakers, National Hip Fracture Database Scientific Committee, The Orthopaedic Trauma Society, The British Orthopaedic Association and British Geriatric Society). These collaborators have substantial clinical experience, the Societies and Colleges produced the original standards of care for hip fracture in 1994 and updated in 2006, several collaborating clinicians were members of the NICE Guideline Committee and have recently delivered an update to that Guidance.